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Having a qualified lawyer to handle your legal issues is essential for the successful outcome of your case. As a State Bar of California certified Lawyer Referral Service, Attorney Search Network is committed to excellence by pre-screening lawyers based on State Bar Records, panel standards, Certified Specialists ratings and years in practice.

Attorney Search Network understands that when clients hire an attorney, they expect skill, professionalism and a good standing with the State Bar Association. For this reason, Attorney Search Network distinguishes the lawyers on their panel as Top Rated Lawyers.

A Top Rated Lawyer:

  • Qualifies for Attorney Search Network membership
  • Is currently active in the state bar
  • Practices law with a clean record
  • Has been practicing law for at least 5 years
  • Consistently maintain a high customer service score from client and referral surveys.
  • Carries Malpractice Insurance

Before lawyers earn Top Rated recognition, Attorney Search Network requires that they pass a rigorous background check. In addition to making sure a lawyer is active in the state bar, we make sure a lawyer has no record of discipline listed against their license and check professional references and credentials.   

Top Rated Lawyers are awarded one of three Achievement Levels:

  • AAA Top Rated Lawyers: Lawyers that achieve the top 20 % survey scores in comparison to their peer panel members
  • AA Top Rated Lawyers: Lawyers that achieve the top 40% survey scores in comparison to their peer panel members
  • A Top Rated Lawyers: Lawyer that meets Attorneys Search Network membership standards

Once a lawyer becomes a Top Rated Lawyer, they still need to maintain their high level of proficiency and client satisfaction. This is our way of making sure that our clients receive the best of legal services. Ratings are evaluated on an annual basis.



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