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Civil Case Dismissed Options Law:

Occasionally, when filing a petition for a civil appeal, the case may be dismissed by the appellate court. This can happen if the strict rules for appealing a case are not followed, if the case had no plausible grounds for an appeal, or if an item in the petition was missing when filed. In addition, if the case becomes "moot," or no longer relevant, the appeal may be dismissed. There are a few civil case dismissed options that one can pursue, should they find themselves in this situation. One option is to do nothing and let the dismissal stand as is. The other civil case dismissed option is to file a motion for reconsideration within ten days of the dismissal. This motion must include the reasons for reconsideration in addition to anything that might have been missing when originally filing the request for a civil appeal.

Case Dismissed Legal Issues:

When an appeal case is dismissed, the ruling will revert to the original decision made by the court at the initial hearing or litigation. If the dismissal was made without prejudice to reinstatement, then one of the civil case dismissed options may be to request reinstatement. However, this can be difficult to achieve and must be done in a timely manner. Generally, once an appellate court makes a dismissal or any other ruling, the decision is final and there may not be any civil case dismissed options available.

What a Civil Appeals Lawyer can do for you:

If your request for a civil appeal has been dismissed, talk to a civil appeals attorney about which civil case dismissed options are available to you. Attorneys are knowledgeable in all complex civil appeal laws and regulations. They can help evaluate your case to see why your appeal was dismissed. An attorney will help explain all of the civil case dismissed options there may be and will help you choose the best course of action.

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