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California Lawyer Referral Service:

There are hundreds of reasons why you might need a lawyer.

Searching for a qualified lawyer to help you overcome legal matters can be overwhelming. Looking through endless yellow page ads, making call upon call to attorney offices and confusion over what your legal responsibilities are can slow you down.

Lawyer Referral Services direct the general public to lawyers in a private practice or to other organizations such as local resources or State Bar Associations. When a client contacts a Lawyer Referral Service, call operators gather information, determine the appropriate area of law and determine client's location. After collecting information the Lawyer Referral Service legal analyst can match the client to a lawyer who practices in their area and has experience in the area of law they need help with. At Attorney Search Network, this service is free.

A Lawyer Referral Service sets requirements and qualifications for lawyers who enlist with their service. At Attorney Search Network, Lawyers must be in good standing with their State Bar Association, have at least 5 years of experience, carry malpractice/professional liability insurance and provide clients with a free or reduced fee initial consultation.

Lawyer Referral Services can help clients find lawyers in most areas of law, including criminal law, real estate law, immigration law, serious personal injury law, estate planning law, employment law, insurance law, tax law, liquor law, intellectual property law, landlord/tenant law, social security law, traffic law, workers' compensation law, sex offenses and drug offenses.

In case your situation does not require the assistance of a private attorney, a Lawyer Referral Service can also refer you to different organizations that could be more useful for solving your issue.

Attorney Search Network is a Lawyer Referral Service that is certified by the California Bar Association and American Bar Association.

If you need help with any legal matter, contact Attorney Search Network today and we can help refer you to an attorney in your area.

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Attorney Search Network can provide you with a free Lawyer Referral to an attorney in your local area.

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