4 Things People Unfairly Hate About Lawyers

4 Things People Unfairly Hate About Lawyers

Lawyers tend to attract a lot of unfair bitterness from the average citizen. Here are 4 things that lawyers get a bad reputation for, that are unfair to lawyers.

1. Lawyers are often the bearers of bad news. There is an old saying, "don't shoot the messenger". Lawyers are often messengers of undesirable news. Lawyers spell out the legal limits of issues, they identity the legal rights of both parties in a dispute and they are often forced to evaluate personal issues objectively. The number one complaint Attorney Search Network receives regarding its panel member attorneys is that the lawyer said the caller did not have a case. Too many times frustration with circumstances or the legal system in general gets associated with Lawyers.

2. Lawyers always seem to be around trouble. This one speaks for itself. In cases where there is no disagreement, conflict, breach or injury, there is no need for a lawyer. When laws are followed, contracts are honored, interpersonal interaction is respectful, relationships are harmonious, and citizens are healthy, there is no need to appeal to the legal system to correct a problem. It is only when laws are not followed, contracts are breached, there is relationship breakdown, property is damaged or persons are injured that the legal system is needed. Lawyers make the legal system work. Of course lawyers are always at the center of conflict - without lawyers, most of that conflict would never get resolved.

3. Lawyers are the only party that gains in legal conflict scenarios. This is a harsh truth. For example, when two parties are divorcing, one household becomes two households and the living stand of both parties is almost always reduced. When the divorce is over, people tend to focus on the reality that the only party that is financially better off after the divorce are the lawyer(s) who helped the parties through the divorce. In criminal defense cases, if the criminal defense lawyer achieves a "not guilty" verdict and the defendant is freed, they go back to the life they had before the case, but they had to hire a lawyer to make that happen. These are legitimate and true observations, but lawyers are facilitators of solutions, not the creators of the original problems. This scenario is no different than that of the Termite Company tenting your home and ridding it from damaging insects. It is no different than an auto body shop fixing a dent or a dentist filling a cavity. Instead of focusing on how much it costs to get out of a problem, the focus should be on the value of the professional who helped get you out of that difficulty.

4. Lawyers are ambulance chasers. Sometimes one bad apple spoils the whole bunch. There unfortunately are ambulance chasers. They are also called "cappers". These are people that "miraculously" arrive at accident scenes and "just happen" to have few business cards for attorneys in their pocket. Sometime the capper just tells you they have a lawyer(s) that can help and will reach out to you later with the information. The State Bar Association of California does not approve of this method of getting new clients. In fact, if lawyers are caught participating in this activity, they risk punishment. These are lawyers you do not want to work with. If they do not honor the State Bar Rules, will they honor you or your agreements? If you use one of these lawyers and they are punished by the Bar Association, what happens to your case? This is a perfect example of why you should find your lawyer through a personal referral from people you know and trust or a State Bar Certified Lawyer Referral Service. Most lawyers do not accept cases from cappers and it is not fair to let the bad behavior of a few ruin the reputation of the profession. After all, if you are involved in car accident, it is the personal injury attorney who stands up for rights against insurance companies and other parties to ensure you get the financial benefits you need to heal.

Most people hope never to use a lawyer and the reason should be that most people want harmony, honesty and fair treatment in life. If they are denied that they should seek legal help to rectify the injustice. Victims should seek out quality legal assistance and appreciate the role a lawyer plays in the legal process.

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