Real Estate Law: Boundary Disputes

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Did your neighbor build a new fence that takes up part your property? What if your neighbor added a second floor to their home and it ruins the view you had? In cases involving boundary disputes, you may have legal remedies.

Boundary disputes involve disagreements about the ownership of a piece of property and/or how much area a property covers. It often revolves around neighbors who claim ownership of a part of a property owner's property and boundary line challenges.

As common as disputes over boundaries are, they come with complex real estate laws and may affect your rights if you are a property owner. When a boundary dispute arises, litigation can help resolve your case effectively.

Real property lawyers have experience handling boundary disputes. Real property lawyers are familiar with land surveying, deeds, property line and fence matters. They can help defend you against any attacks on your boundary rights and help you determine what rights you have as a property owner.

If you are involved in a boundary dispute with your neighbor, a real property lawyer can help. Attorney Search Network can help you find a real property lawyer that handles boundary disputes and other real property matters.

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