Update Changes to your Child Visitation Schedule

Update Changes to your Child Visitation Schedule

Following a separation or divorce, child visitation rights are awarded to the non-custodial parents as a privilege to the parent and best interest of the child. Child visitation allows parents to work together to create a reasonable visitation plan, as determined by the courts.

When the court decides child visitation rights, parents will receive a set child visitation schedule that they need to adhere to. Sometimes, however, one parent has no choice but to change the child visitation schedule for a number of reasons including relocation, job change, dangerous circumstances and violation of a court order. When a change in schedule is necessary, parents often agree amongst themselves, without notifying the courts.

Not notifying the courts could result in legal trouble, especially if one spouse decides to report the other spouse for not following the agreed upon child visitation schedule. A parent that wishes to change any part of the child visitation schedule may need to get approval by the courts.

A family lawyer with experience in child visitation matters can help you officially update the court on any changes in your child visitation schedule. A family lawyer can help you show a change in circumstances, which will show the courts your commitment to parenting. A lawyer can also help settle disputes in cases where parents cannot agree on a stable child visitation schedule.

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