Child custody can be complicated, but a Family Lawyer can help

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Divorcing parents want the best for their children. Most custody cases involve loving parents who have differing best interests for their children, which can turn into a sensitive, complex custody battle.
Often times, divorcing parents are not clear about complicated custody law terminology. A family lawyer can explain how parents can negotiate on custody terms by managing a workable custody agreement for school schedules, holidays and weekends.

In California, “legal custody” is shared by both parents since they are both involved in making decisions for the welfare of their minor children. “Physical custody” is the actual living arrangement that the parents agree on for their children. Typically, when the children live with one parent, that parent is said to have “physical custody, which gives the other parent “visitation rights”. If the children live in both the parents’ homes, the parents are said to have a “joint physical custody”.

It is possible for parents to agree and determine their own custody arrangements through collaborative mediation. This option is often preferred, since it avoids an arbitrary decision by a judge, who lacks familiarity with the children’s needs.

A family lawyer can help evaluate your case and help you identify your options, while protecting your rights and interests. To find a family lawyer near you, contact Attorney Search Network today. We can help you find a family lawyer who can assist you with a custody case and visitation issues.

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