Burn Injuries Caused by Fireworks

Burn Injuries Caused by Fireworks

Every year, thousands of people will be injured in the United States during Fourth of July celebrations - a large percentage of which are children. Fireworks and sparklers that are considered to be child-friendly and safe can pose a threat for severe burns. Many burn injuries can have serious, long-term consequences.

Burns may be caused by using fireworks incorrectly or by people setting off illegal fireworks and can have permanent effects on a person. A burn injury victim may require significant medical attention, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy and other expensive long-term treatments. Recovery can take years, multiple procedures or painful grafts.

If you suffer a burn injury, a lawyer can help you get compensation for your treatment and therapy from manufactures of the faulty fireworks, individuals causing the injury or from the insurance of the location. A personal injury lawyer can help provide the financial relief you deserve.

Keep in mind that if you or someone you know gets burned by fireworks or sparklers, it is important to cool off the burn with cold water and wrap the patch of burned skin with a clean and dry sheet until an ambulance arrives.

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