Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Loss Mitigation

Bar Association ApprovedAs the economy continues to struggle, we are seeing an alarming rise in foreclosures. As a homeowner, your dream of owning a home could turn into your nightmare - especially if you are facing foreclosure. When unforeseen situations affect your ability to pay your mortgage in a timely manner, or if you are at risk of losing your home, mortgage loss mitigation can help.

Loss mitigation is the process of reducing or restructuring a home loan to reflect current market value or the owner's ability to pay. Loss mitigation can be taken on by a lender or an attorney that works in your best interest. Attorneys that handle loss mitigation can negotiate with lenders to restructure your mortgage, so you can afford your monthly payments.

Hiring a loss mitigation attorney can help ensure the loss mitigation process works to your advantage in the following ways:

When facing mortgage issues, time is not on your side. An attorney can buy you time by making sure you reach quick resolution. An attorney can also evaluate your case to determine what is best suited for your situation, such as Short Sales, Forbearances, Loan Modifications, Repayments, Deed-in-Lieu, Bankruptcy, etc.

If you are interested in speaking to an attorney about loss mitigation options, Attorney Search Network can help you find an attorney near your area. An attorney can negotiate and establish a mortgage plan in efforts to save your home.

If you have any questions about the information provided above, please contact Attorney Search Network.

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