The Importance of Copyrights

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If you took the picture, you wrote it, you painted it or you sang it, it can fall under copyright law. Copyright law gives owners protection for their musical, artistic, literary and other works, whether or not they are published.

Copyright registration for your idea or business is important no matter what field it is concerned with. Companies and individuals are advised to register their copyrights in anything that can be valuable in order to prevent someone else from using your copyrighted work without your permission. If they do, you as the owner may be entitled to bring an infringement action against that person. Using a quote or a sample could be an exception to this. However, when in doubt, a person should ask the owner for consent.

Copyrights cover works such as:

Copyrights do not cover:

Copyright lawyers can help answer any questions about protecting the copyright of work you have created, or determining if someone can legally use someone else's work. A copyright lawyer can also be useful when going through the process of copyrighting, such as preparing and submitting documents and even drafting license agreements. A lawyer can also help in copyright infringement cases in the event that someone violates your copyrights as an owner.

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