Lawsuit Defense Lawyers

Lawsuit Defense Lawyers

Lawsuit Defense Lawyers

There are always two parties in an injury lawsuit - the injured party and the party allegedly at fault. The injured party will be represented by what is commonly referred to as a Personal Injury Attorney. The party allegedly at fault will often be represented by their insurance company and related legal counsel.

Being the defendant in an accident case has high stakes. If your insurance provider limits coverage at a certain amount, the plaintiff can attempt to recover damages by suing you directly. In some circumstances an insurance company can deny coverage, leaving the accused directly responsible for damages. In these and other cases the plaintiff can pursue your assets and income which can affect your livelihood for many years.

A lawyer with a diverse background in accident defense cases can dismiss claims that are invalid due to lack of evidence, or reduce your damages through negotiation. Depending on the severity of the accident, a plaintiff can sue you for thousands, if not millions of dollars. A Lawsuit Defense Lawyer can first make sure the amount of the lawsuit is appropriate based on the types of injuries the plaintiff sustained in the accident. If the amount is grossly inadequate, your lawyer can contest the amount being asked for in the suit.

An experienced Lawsuit Defense Lawyer can hire investigators to analyze the accident and make sure the plaintiff did not negligently contribute to their injuries(Comparative Negligence Issues). If a plaintiff contributes to their injuries, a lawyer can litigate to have the plaintiff's own negligence taken into account so that damages can be reduced.

Even if you were recently in an accident and believe you might be sued, contact an experienced attorney so that they can begin to guide you in the event of a lawsuit. If you or a loved one is the defendant in an auto accident case or is potentially going to be sued, contact Attorney Search Network today for a referral to an experienced lawsuit defense attorney.

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