Medical Device Class Action Lawsuits

Bar Association ApprovedMillions of medical products are sold to millions of consumers every year, sometimes without being safe. Two medical devices to watch out for in particular are the Zimmer Durom Cup hip implants and the Cochlear Implants. These devices have harmed consumers across the nation, who have enforced their rights collectively by forming a class of plaintiffs and filing a class action lawsuit.

Depending on the individual case, liable parties may be the device's manufacturer, your physician/surgeon or the distributor of the medical device. Ultimately, it comes down to product liability and negligence. Both the Zimmer Durom Cup hip implants and the Cochlear Implants are held liable for the injuries they cause.

The Zimmer Durom Cup, an artificial hip part approved in 2006, was made to address the problems of other hip replacement parts in regards to wear of the beating, instability and limited range in motion. After several U.S surgeons reported a high expected rate of failure and loosening of the Zimmer Durom Cup, it was confirmed that the fixation surface on the cup was not good enough, which prevented it from seating fully. The design was so flawed, that it caused many patients to undergo revision hip surgery.

A cochlear implant, often referred to as a bionic ear, is a tiny electronic device that is surgically implanted to provide a sense of sound to profoundly deaf or severely hard of hearing persons. Cochlear implants are different than hearing aids. Instead of amplifying sound, they work to stimulate the auditory nerve. They were recalled in 2004 when it was reported that adults and children that used cochlear implants had an increased risk of developing bacterial meningitis, which includes headache, fever, stiff neck, seizures and other serious side effects.

Not all Zimmer hip models have this issue. Not all Cochlear implants are affecting users. Click here to see if your models are included in the class action suits.

Patients that have been injured after using Zimmer Durom Cup hip implants or cochlear implant may be entitled to compensation if they pursue a class action lawsuit. If you have been affected by recalled medical devices or have experienced side effects, it is advised to meet with a class action lawyer.

A class action lawyer can evaluate all details of your case and help establish that you need to be compensated for your expenses. A lawyer can help you recover damages from ongoing treatment costs, lost wages, past hospital bills, future living costs and pain and suffering. To speak to a class action lawyer in your area, contact Attorney Search Network. We can help you find a qualified, experienced class action lawyer today.

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