Victims of Nursing Home Abuse Have Rights

Victims of Nursing Home Abuse Have Rights


Approximately 110,000 California residents live in nursing homes. Unfortunately, many of them are at risk for nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse can be a very traumatic experience for elders who move into nursing homes to ensure long-term care. Nursing home abuse can interrupt proper care and leave elders with deteriorating physical or mental conditions.

When people place elder family members in nursing homes, they expect their loved ones to be properly cared for. However, nursing homes often display physical abuse, sexual abuse, malnutrition or financial exploitation of elders.

Nursing home abuse can be physical or financial. Physical nursing home abuse occurs when staff members use force that causes unnecessary pain or injury, ranging from shoving to severe beatings. It may also include over-medicating or under-medicating, food deprivation or some form of physical restraint.

Financial abuse varies from stealing money from an elder's wallet to coercing an elder to turn over property. This can include forgery and the wrongful use of a Power of Attorney, without the elder's consent.

Nursing home residents have rights and when they have been violated - they can claim legal damages and get compensation. With the help of a nursing home abuse lawyers, victims can get the compensation they deserve as a result of nursing home abuse.

An elder abuse lawyer can investigate and review claims for suffered injuries. A nursing home abuse lawyer can research the law, interview witnesses and negotiate on behalf of an abused elder. If your loved one is a victim of abuse, contact Attorney Search Network to find an elder abuse lawyer near you.

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