Overtime Violations

Employment Law - Overtime Violations Employer violations of overtime laws are becoming more and more common. Many employers either intentionally or mistakenly misclassify their employees to avoid paying their overtime wages. This leaves hundreds of millions of dollars in overtime compensation not paid to employees for their work performed.

Unfair labor practice claims often go beyond just one employee; these practices typically occur company-wide. It can be difficult and sometimes frustrating to recover wages from an employer since in most cases. But the fact is that employers are held accountable for unpaid wages and an attorney can help resolve unfair labor practices.

If you are unsure about being fully compensated for your overtime work, follow these guidelines:

It is also important to keep in mind that you are entitled to receive overtime if:

Attorneys know how hard you work and how you deserve to get compensated for any overtime hours you work. They dedicate themselves to making sure you get paid for the hours you've put in. Attorneys who have experience with wage and hour violations look into what type of job was involved, how many hours you worked and how much you were paid for doing that work. Employment lawyers can help you find out what your options are for getting fair compensation. They can also represent you in settlement negotiations and litigate disputes.

If you have been denied overtime pay, breaks, or have been unjustly classified as exempt, contact Attorney Search Network to speak to an experienced employment attorney today.

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