Passenger Rights in Auto Accidents

Passenger Rights in Auto Accidents

Passenger Rights in Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are never a good scenario. Even in the smallest accident there is a loss of value or loss of time. If an Auto Accident is serious personal bodily injury is a possibility. Injuries sustained in an auto accident can require therapy or surgery. In the case of passenger the injuries can be just as serous or more serious as the driver. In a minor accident a passenger can experience Soft Tissue injuries which require time and therapy to heal. In the major accident passenger can experience Serious Bodily Injury, which may require surgery and long term care to heal.

In an accident Passenger Rights are different than the drivers. If the other car was at fault in the accident, the passenger will seek compensation from that drivers insurance carrier or the driver directly. This is the same process the driver will pursue. If the other driver is uninsured and it is unlikely they have assets which can provide financial compensation for the injuries sustained, the passenger can seek relief from the drivers insurance. When the passenger is riding in the vehicle deemed to be not-at-fault they have two sets of insurance and two parties to seek compensation from.

If the passenger is riding the at-fault vehicle that passenger, assume they have no active part in causing the accident, will seek financial relief from the drivers insurance. As a passenger you are protected from both potentially both insurance carriers.

Even as a passenger auto insurance is highly important. For example of there is an Uninsured Accident and both partiers do not have current insurance the passenger's only relief may come from a direct lawsuit. As a passenger be responsible and inquire about insurance coverage.

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