Third Party Work Injuries

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Injuries happen. Workers' Compensation insurance can help protect both you and your employer in case you get injured at work. But what happens when you get a work injury but your employer is not at fault? If you are injured by equipment, machinery or vehicles that are not directly connected to your employer, you have an additional legal remedy against the third-party.

A third-party Worker's Compensation claim can be brought if your on-the-job injury was from the negligence of a third party while you were at the job site. A third-party is someone other than your employer.

Defective machinery, a trench collapse or car accident while you're on the job may not be directly your employer's fault, therefore giving you additional rights against third parties that have an impact on your Workers' Compensation claim. Some more examples of third-party work injuries are:

There is no cap on the amount of damages you can recover for lost wages when it's a third-party's fault. You can get recovery for pain and suffering, medical bills, disability, lost wages and loss of quality or enjoyment of life.

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