Criminal Trespassing During Halloween

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This Halloween season, be mindful that fun trick-or-treating adventures may have consequences, especially when trespassing on someone else's property is involved. Trespassing often sounds like a harmless crime, but it can lead to serious charges. If you are on someone's property illegally, you can be in danger of getting charged with a crime and run the risk of injury or damage.

Criminal trespassing is also known as negligent trespassing or "breaking and entering" occurs when you enter someone else's property without their knowledge. Criminal trespassing can take the form of simply walking into a house without notifying the owners, walking behind a building, robbery or vandalism.

A person can be charged with criminal trespassing if:

Criminal trespassing charges range from a violation to a felony, which can result in jail time, negatively affect your life and future job opportunities. Depending on the jurisdictions of your state, a misdemeanor can sentence you to 3 months to a year of jail time. A felony can punish you with up to several years in prison. These penalties may be enhanced by the amount of damage done to the property.

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