What can I do if I am sexually harassed at work?

Accidentes de Trabajo Ocasionados por Terceros

Sexual harassment can make a work environment uncomfortable and intimidating. Victims of sexual harassment often face anxiety at the workplace and experience a significant impact in their quality of life and work. 
Victims of sexual harassment at the workplace go through many emotions such as humiliation, frustration, withdrawal and even suffer damages in the aftermath. Although steps are taken to eliminate sexual harassment cases, employers cannot guarantee that it will discontinue. Surveys show that only a small percentage of women who have been victims of sexual harassment at the workplace actually go through with filing a complaint, for the fear of jeopardizing their careers.
Sexual harassment can occur in any of the following circumstances:

Unwelcome sexual advances, request for sexual favors or verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature are not legal. You have legalrightsthat can protect you and ensure you work in an environment that is free of sexual harassment.

If you are a victim of sexual harassment, you should first provide a written complaint to your supervisor or any other individual who is responsible. You should include details of the incident and names of witnesses. Your employer should take immediate action. If your employer fails to take action you should contact a sexual harassment lawyer to explore legal protection and grounds for a possible lawsuit. A lawyer can help you file your complaint and help you get the justice you deserve.
If you feel you are a victim of sexual harassment, you should contact a sexual harassment lawyer promptly. Attorney Search Network can refer you to a sexual harassment lawyer to represent you in your sexual harassment claim.

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