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Employment Class Action Lawsuits
Medical Device Class Action Lawsuits
Medication Class Action Lawsuits

Employment Class Action Lawsuits

Employment Class Action Lawsuits

If you have a valid claim against your employer for violating wage and hour laws, chances are that you are not the only one in your company. Many employers find it profitable to engage in illegal practices, with the idea that employees won't notice or they will be too afraid to complain. Joining a class action lawsuit can help add your voice to many others that face the same situation.

As an employee that has worked hours at your job, you expect to receive payment from your employer. You might have even signed a binding contract outlining an agreement to getting paid. When an employer does not pay their employee, or when the employee gets unpaid wages, it can lead to legal action by the employee to recover compensation. Read Full Article

Medical Device Class Action Lawsuits

Medical Device Class Action Lawsuits

Millions of medical products are sold to millions of consumers every year, sometimes without being safe. Two medical devices to watch out for in particular are the Zimmer Durom Cup hip implants and the Cochlear Implants. These devices have harmed consumers across the nation, who have enforced their rights collectively by forming a class of plaintiffs and filing a class action lawsuit.

Depending on the individual case, liable parties may be the device’s manufacturer, your physician/surgeon or the distributor of the medical device. Ultimately, it comes down to product liability and negligence. Both the Zimmer Durom Cup hip implants and the Cochlear Implants are held liable for the injuries they cause. Read Full Article

Medication Class Action Lawsuits

Medication Class Action Lawsuits

There are many different drugs on the market today that are used for a variety of illnesses. When your doctor prescribes a particular medication, you most likely won't think twice about taking it, with the assumption that anything your doctor prescribes must be safe. That assumption comes easy, especially since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the pharmaceutical industry.

In too many cases, pharmaceutical companies place profits before consumer safety. When medications cause harm and injury to consumers, they have the right to raise their voice in a class action lawsuit. Two such medications that have been recalled due to their damaging side effects are Yasmin/Yaz and Byetta. Read Full Article


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