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Discrimination is not Grounds for Wrongful Termination
Negotiate your Debts Today!
Are you Driving a "Lemon"?

Discrimination is not grounds for Wrongful termination

Discrimination is not grounds for wrongful termination

Employers often discriminate against the people they terminate. Under employment law, wrongful termination occurs when an employer fires or lays off an employee for illegal reasons such as sexual harassment, age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation based discrimination.

Every state carries their own wrongful termination laws. In California, an employee can be fired for any reason, even without a reason. However, California employees are still protected against wrongful termination. Terminations based on discrimination of age, race, gender, religion and sexual orientation can be illegal.

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Negotiate your debts today!

Negotiate your debts today!

Facing financial problems is not uncommon. Declaring bankruptcy, however, comes with long-term consequences that may be not worth it. Most debtors seek debt negotiation services to help them move forward.

Are you stuck in a debt situation? A good way to fix it may be to negotiate lower interest rates, interest freezes, principle reductions or settle with debt negotiation. Debt negotiation, also called debt arbitration, is the process of negotiating with a creditor to pay off your bills by reducing a portion of the balance that is owed on your unsecured debts.

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Are you driving a "lemon"?

Are you driving a lemon?

Plenty of new cars were purchased this year with tax incentives and the 'cash for clunkers' program. Unfortunately, not every new car works like it should. There are cars that were damaged in the design or production process that result in problems for their new owners.

If you purchased a new car, it is under manufacturer's warranty. If you have had to service the car multiple times for the same major issue, you may be driving a "lemon" and you may be protected under lemon law.

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