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Can't Afford Your Mortgage? Short Sale vs. Foreclosure
Are you a Victim of Mortgage Loan Fraud?
Overtime Violations

Can't Afford Your Mortgage? Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

Can't Afford Your Mortgage? Short Sale vs. Foreclosure

With an increase in interest rates for adjustable-rate mortgages and the change in principle for interest-only loans, home values are collapsing, making it more difficult for homeowners to afford their mortgage payments.

When unexpected situations such as job loss, death in the family, health emergencies and other unmanageable expenses occur, homeowners often feel forced to “walk away” from their homes. When refinancing is no longer an option, saving their home depends on a short sale or foreclosure. But which is the better option? Read Full Article

Are you a Victim of Mortgage Loan Fraud?

Are you a Victim of Mortgage Loan Fraud?

With the increasing national plunge in the housing market, there was growing concern that more inexperienced consumers who were first-time homebuyers or seniors, fell victim to mortgage loan fraud, also known as "predatory mortgage lending". Mortgage loan fraud occurs when a real estate broker, lender, bank, mortgage broker or appraiser deceives a consumer into signing a loan, for the purpose of making more profit.

Buying a home is one of the most important and complex decisions a consumer can make. Most lenders, banks, brokers and other real estate professionals genuinely help consumers get the best loan rates possible. Before looking into mortgage loans, do your own homework, since relying on professionals for their expertise may not always work to your advantage. There may be factors you are unaware of, which lenders may victimize you on. Read Full Article

Overtime Violations

Overtime Violations

Employer violations of overtime laws are becoming more and more common. Many employers either intentionally or mistakenly misclassify their employees to avoid paying their overtime wages. This leaves hundreds of millions of dollars in overtime compensation not paid to employees for their work performed.

Unfair labor practice claims often go beyond just one employee; these practices typically occur company-wide. It can be difficult and sometimes frustrating to recover wages from an employer since in most cases. But the fact is that employers are held accountable for unpaid wages and an attorney can help resolve unfair labor practices. Read Full Article


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