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It's the right time to update your will or trust
Fight your DUI and regain your right to drive!
Child custody can be complicated, but a Family Lawyer can help

It's the right time to update your will or trust

New law provides greater protection for homeowners in default

Changes occur in everyone’s life. When changes such as marriage, birth, divorce, child adoption, death of a family member, or the value of an estate affect the terms of a will or trust, it is essential to update your will or trust. In that case, it is advised to consult an estate planning lawyer.

Any major change in your life is a good reason to make your will or trust current. Furthermore, if you have not yet set up a will or trust, now it the perfect time to do so. The last thing you would want is for the courts to decide all matters of distribution for you when you die without a will.

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Fight your DUI and regain your right to drive!

How are retirement accounts like 401K divided in a Divorce without triggering a tax pernalty?

Drinking and driving don’t mix. A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge is a criminal offense that can have serious consequences.
If you have been charged with a DUI and had your license suspended or revoked, a DUI defense lawyer can help you fight for your freedom to drive.
The length of a driver’s license suspension after a DUI charge depends on your age, BAC level and the number of offenses you have had. If you are under 21, your license will automatically be suspended. The higher your BAC level was, the longer your license will be suspended. If it was your second or third offense, your license will be suspended longer than it was for your first offense.

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Child custody can be complicated, but a Family Lawyer can help

What can I do if I am sexually harassed at work?

Divorcing parents want the best for their children. Most custody cases involve loving parents who have differing best interests for their children, which can turn into a sensitive, complex custody battle.
Often times, divorcing parents are not clear about complicated custody law terminology. A family lawyer can explain how parents can negotiate on custody terms by managing a workable custody agreement for school schedules, holidays and weekends.

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