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Strategies for keeping your home and fighting foreclosure
Easier refinance FHA options
Do you know about Testamentary Capacity?

Strategies for keeping your home and fighting foreclosure

New California Law Addresses Cyber-Bullying

Attorney Search Network member Attorney Yelena Gurevich is offering a free seminar  to homeowners facing foreclosure or concerned about falling behind on their mortgage. Registration is required. The seminar will be held in Pasadena on May 19th and June 9th. See below for more details.

Whether you are facing a foreclosure or worried about falling behind, you should know your options and who to turn to if you need assistance.

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Easier refinance FHA options

New Consequences for Elder Abuse Cases

Starting May 6, 2012, about 2 to 3 million borrowers can take advantage of easier and cheaper refinance FHA options. The Obama administration unveiled this plan so that borrowers with some federally insured mortgages could refinance into lower interest rate loans more easily.

The changes will apply to borrowers with loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration, a federal agency that guarantees mortgages made to borrowers who have weaker credit scores and need low down payments.

Reducing mortgage payments can save about a thousand dollars a year for the typical FHA borrower.
"It's like another tax cut in people's pockets," said President Obama.

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Do you know about Testamentary Capacity?

New, Tougher DUI Penalty for the New Year

Testamentary Capacity is a legal term used to assess a person’s legal and mental ability to create or update a legal document. Testamentary Capacity is also referred to as being “Of Sound Mind.” While Testamentary Capacity is crucial for all legal documents, Wills, Trusts or Estate Plans are most commonly associated with Testamentary Capacity.

As loved ones grow older physical, mental,and emotional afflictions can unduly influence estate planning decisions.

For testamentary capacity to be valid the follow scenarios are important to establish:

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