White Collar Crimes

White Collar Crimes Law:

White collar crime deals with business-related crimes. White collar crimes violate federal law and are handled in federal court. White collar crimes include bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud, bribery, computer/internet fraud, credit card fraud, counterfeiting, embezzlement, extortion, forgery, insurance fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, tax evasion, and other financial crimes.

Learn about the types of White Collar Crimes:

Bankruptcy Fraud
Computer Hacking
Credit Card Fraud
Elder Caretaker Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Internet Fraud
Money Laundering
RICO claims
Tax Fraud
Wire Fraud

White Collar Crimes Legal Issues:

White collar crimes come with penalties such as fines, jail time, restitution, supervised release and home detention. Being charged with a white collar crime can impact a person's future tremendously. If convicted of a white collar crime, you may be subjected to huge fines, face long prison sentences, and suffer embarrassment.

What a Criminal Defense Lawyer can do for you:

A white collar criminal lawyer who has experience can defend the rights of those who are accused of white collar crime. A criminal lawyer can help reduce charges, minimize penalties, or try to avoid any charges. An attorney can help you with plea-bargaining or other necessary negotiations that can be helpful in minimizing punishment in the case of a white collar crimes conviction.

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