Sean Young was one of 10 people arrested at this year's Academy Awards.

When a diverse array of stars are clustered into one place, the bright lights can sometimes blind people from seeing the difference between poor and intelligent decisions. Oftentimes, celebrities that get caught up with the law – especially at highly-publicized events – find themselves with an image that needs to be repaired in the court of public opinion. To regain society's approval, they may first need help from a criminal lawyer.

While many film industry titans added to their impressive resume at the 2012 Academy Awards, one actress tallied up another accomplishment to her list of rather infamous achievements.

Sean Young, who has starred in films including "Blade Runner" and "Wall Street," was arrested after getting into an alleged altercation with a security guard outside a party after the award show. This isn't the first time she's been in the news for an apparent lapse in judgement. In 2006, Young attempted to sneak into the Vanity Fair Oscar party, and just two years later, she entered into rehabilitation for alcohol abuse after an outburst at the Directors Guild of America awards.

Young, 52, was released after posting $20,000 bail after being booked under suspicion of misdemeanor battery. She insists, though, that she was wrongly prosecuted and has demanded an apology and threatened legal action.

"I just want everyone to know that I was sober, extremely well behaved when a very stupid security guard went postal on me and then the Academy's very stupid lawyer recommended a 'private person's arrest' and I have grounds for a lawsuit against the Academy although I believe a public apology to me would be much better," she posted on her Facebook.

In total, 10 attendees of this year's ceremony were taken into custody by authorities for charges ranging from trespassing, forgery and theft.

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