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Juvenile Law:

Juvenile law combines both civil law and criminal law. Juvenile Criminal Law involves juveniles (persons under the age of 18) who are responsible for criminal acts. Under Juvenile Civil Law, minors are rehabilitated and records are kept that can follow minors into their adulthood.

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Child Abuse Central Index
Guardianship Ad Litem
Parental Rights
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Learn about the types of Juvenile Criminal Law:

Juvenile Court
Juvenile Criminal Felony Charges
Juvenile Criminal Misdemeanor Charges
Juvenile Truancy

Legal Issues of Juvenile Law:

If your child is charged with a criminal act under juvenile law, it can impact the rest of their life. Their criminal record can be affected, as well as their freedom and even sometimes their ability to drive. Under juvenile law, prosecutors often charge juveniles as adults and subject them to adult sentences. Minors found guilty in juvenile law may be sent to reform school, placed in foster care or be placed on probation or house arrest.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

A juvenile charged with a crime may need the help of a qualified juvenile criminal lawyer. Juveniles have the right to defend themselves against the life changing consequences of juvenile law. Juvenile law attorneys understand the juvenile courts and the procedures and can help you in your case.

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