Landlord And Tenant Law Lawyers

Landlord-Tenant Law:

Under landlord and tenant law, landlords and tenants both have rights. Every tenant has the right of control over their leased property. Tenants also have the implied agreement of quiet enjoyment, or living in their property without constant interference. Landlord and tenant law also guarantees that the landlord will promise that nobody else can claim a tenant's right to the property. The landlord also needs to guarantee that the property offers safe living conditions for the tenants. Landlord and tenant law also covers subleases, renewals, rent control, security deposits, evictions and discrimination.

Learn about the types of Landlord/Tenant Law:

Commercial Landlord / Tenant
Eviction Notice
Eviction Pay or Quit Notice
Expiration Lease Notice
Foreclosure Lease Rights
Residential Landlord / Tenant
Three Day Eviction Notice
Unlawful Detainer
30 Day Eviction Notice

Learn about Toxic Mold Law:

Mold Related Injuries
Toxic Exposure
Toxic Mold Law

Landlord-Tenant Law Legal Issues:

There are some potential issues that may arise in a landlord-tenant relationship. Tenants who make lease agreements and rent a house or apartment from a landlord can face several landlord and tenant law issues. Some issues may be eviction, unlawful detainer action, a fair housing violation, security deposit issues, etc.

What a Lawyer can do for you:

If you are going through landlord and tenant law issues or any legal disputes with your landlord or tenant, speaking to a landlord lawyer or tenant law attorney can help protect your rights. A landlord and tenant lawyer can evaluate your case and ensure that your legal rights are fully protected. In case of a lawsuit, a landlord and tenant lawyer can review documents, interview witnesses and plan a strategy accordingly.

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