Tax Law

Tax Law:

Tax law is generated by the federal and state government, as well as counties, cities, and other municipalities. Tax law affects all aspects of life. Tax law is contained in codes sections, regulations, administrative codes, procedures and statements issued by government authorities and state court decisions.

Learn about the types of Tax Law:

Complex Employment Tax Matters
General Tax Law
IRS Audits and Appeals
IRS Lawsuits
IRS Outstanding Back Taxes
IRS Tax Fraud
Off-shore Repatriation of Funds
Outstanding Tax Liens
Tax Aspects of Money Laundering
Tax Litigation

Tax Law Legal Issues:

Tax law includes income tax, estate tax, gift tax, transfer tax, employment tax, employment tax, excise tax, and many others. Issues may come up with tax law because each form of tax comes with its own exclusions, exemptions, credits and deductions for those taxes.

What a Tax Lawyer can do for you:

There are advantages of hiring a tax lawyer. A lawyer is knowledgeable in tax law matters and is trained in the numerous interpretations of tax law. A lawyer can advise you on your next steps in order for you to efficiently solve your tax law problems.

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