Wills and Estate Planning Law

Wills and Estate Planning Law:

Under wills and estate planning law, a will is a legal document which allows you to choose who receives the rights to your belongings after you die. A will can also be used to assign a guardian for your children until they are capable of looking after themselves. Wills and estate planning law also allows you to choose a trusted person who will manage the distribution of your assets, also known as an executor. If you have not done any estate planning, your assets may be managed by a court-appointed professional, also known as an administrator. A will is usually in the form of a written statement and includes names of the people you want to benefit, called beneficiaries. When you have financial dependents, such as children, having a will can save the expense of arguments that may come up when a person dies without a will. Even if you own a few assets, it is worth making a will to ensure what will become of your assets when you pass.

Will Drafting and Estate Planning Law:

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Wills and Estate Planning

Will Contest and Inheritance Dispute:

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Wills and Estate Planning legal Issues:

Wills and estate planning law allows you to tell others how you would like your assets and possessions to be dealt with and distributed after you die; therefore it is common for most people to have one. Your possessions include everything you own, such as your house, vehicles, land, insurance benefits, furniture, bank accounts, investments, jewelry, artworks, etc. If you do not have a will and you die, which is known as "intestate", rules of the law apply. In other words, the court will decide all matters of distribution for you.

What a Will and Estate Lawyer can do for you:

Most wills can be written quite simply. Others may be more complex and involve more people, significant assets and considerable amounts of money. Wills and estate planning law should be discussed with lawyers who are experts in this particular area. Estate planning lawyers can help you draft a simple will or change an existing will to reflect your financial status.

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